So you’re thinking about putting a saltwater aquarium in your waiting area, huh?


Aquariums are nice. There’s one in the lobby of the condominium where I live. I look at it occasionally when I have to wait for the elevator, which is often an unacceptably long time, since one is usually down for repair. I know that it’s there to occupy me and keep me calm while I wait, but it doesn’t do either.

The gentleman that takes care of the aquarium was cleaning it the other day and since I was waiting for the elevator for a long time, we had a long conversation about how much it costs to maintain that tank filled with fish.

I was shocked!
My homeowners’ dues are going toward that!
I’d much rather they just spend the money on a better elevator!

This man told me that as a general rule, you will spend anywhere from $3000 to $10,000 on getting your fish tank up and going. Of course this all depends on the size of your tank, if you have a living coral reef, and if you have cool, interesting fish or your more common (boring) varieties.
Then, there’s the maintenance. Just the general upkeep on our condo’s aquatic distraction is about $600 a month, if no fish or coral die and need to be replaced. But it usually runs about $900 each month. (He did tell me that once they mistakenly introduced a killer fish to the tank and had to replace the entire fish population. That was a bad month.)

Let’s face it; the ROI of an aquarium is $0 any way you look at it. It’s like a very expensive water feature. It may help create a certain mood, but it doesn’t hold anyone’s attention for as long as you’ll have them waiting and it doesn’t do anything to brand your practice, educate your patients or market your services.

You could instead take just $1500

1. buy a beautiful flat screen TV and a beautiful Mediplay media player

2. signup for Mediplay for the ridiculously low price of $89 a month

3. use Mediplay’s super quick and easy software to make a program including:

  • great videos – select from over 600 patient education videos
  • information about all your services and products – created with easy to use templates
  • pictures of your staff and your facility – just upload and save
  • calming background music – 6 genres to choose from


4. watch your investment pay for itself many times over.

Just fish food for thought.