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How-To Videos

Adding Facebook

Learn how to connect a Facebook Business Page or Post to your media player(s).

Adding Instagram

Learn how to assign an Instagram Feed or Post to your media player(s).

Mediplay Music

Learn how to manage Mediplay Music, within Mediplay Connect.

Reviewing Your Content

Learn how to review the content currently assigned to a particular media player or group.

Apply Custom Colors

Customize Mediplay Templates by selecting a primary color, secondary color and background.

Choosing Your Layout

Assign a Multi-Zone of Full-Screen layout to any media player in your network.

Create Custom Content

Learn how to create your own custom messages. Our templates are your shortcut to great design. No experience required.

Assign a Video

Exploring the video library is one of the first stops when building your program. We’ll show you how to browse, preview and select videos.

Upload a Video

Do you have any videos you’d like your patients to see? Learn how to upload videos to your network’s private library.

Use the Ticker

The Ticker is the fastest way to get a message on screen, making it perfect for quick announements or updating provider wait times.

Upload your Logo

Your logo brands the screen and the information displayed on it as yours. Learn how to make sure it’s displayed at all times.

Add Your Practice Name

Don’t have your logo file? We’ll walk through the process of adding your practice name to your screen(s).

Upload an Image

It could be a picture from the halloween party, or a recent flyer. Sometimes you simply want to upload an image as is. Learn how.

Add an RSS Feed

Learn how to display current local or national news across your network. Updated automatically, content is always fresh.

Create Player Groups

Groups allows you to share a video playlist between two or more media players. Get a grasp on Groups to save management time.

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