Who’s Giving Your Patients Advice?

Editorial Team

Your loyal patients have come to see you, their trusted doctor. Why would you ever put them in a room and have any of these TV doctors give them bad advice? Matter of fact, Reporting in the BMJ, Canadian researchers analyzed two medical TV talk shows—The Dr. Oz Show and The Doctors—and found that only 46% of the recommendations on The Dr. Oz Show and 63% on The Doctors were supported by evidence. 15% of advice given on Oz and 14% of advice on The Doctors contradicted the available published evidence in journals.

If you have cable TV in your waiting area and your office is open from 9am to 5pm, there is a strong possibility that you are paying a monthly fee to broadcast questionable content and advertise products and services that you don’t offer, to your loyal, hard-won patients.

your patients have come to see you

A much smarter alternative is to disconnect the cable and put that money toward your own in-house network. With Mediplay, you control everything that goes on your screen.

Why would you give another doctor the privilege of giving advice to your patients? You’re the expert that they’ve come to see!

Use your TV to advertise you and your practice instead.  It couldn’ t be easier to get started.

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