DVD’s are D-E-A-D

Editorial Team

Please tell me you did not just search for “DVD loop for my waiting room.”

DVD’s are D-E-A-D and it’s time to move on.

Don’t waste your money on a DVD that introduces your practice and highlights some of the procedures you do. It’s an antiquated technology and there is a much better way to get your message to your waiting patients.  It’s through the cloud.

Just like you’ve probably moved away from buying hard copies of your music and movies and moved toward monthly subscriptions, you can understand the many benefits of cloud-based software.

DVD’s can’t be edited. If you buy a DVD to show in your waiting room, you probably get to choose a few different clips and maybe you get to add a custom slide at the beginning. You pay a lot of money for it and you play it…till it rots! If you hire a new doctor or offer a new service, your DVD is outdated and you have to get a new one made, which is costly and time consuming.

Instead, with the  Mediplay system, you can have access to a large, extensive library of videos about all sorts of medical topics and more. And you can show any of them on your TV anytime you want! If you have a new special, you can quickly and easily make an advertisement for it and schedule it to show on your TV. You have the ability to change anything as often as you want! Even upload your own videos and have them in your own library ready to show on your big screen TV in your waiting room!

Now that’s a much, much better solution!

say no to dvds

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