I have been using Mediplay in my office for a few years and I have found it is the most important aspect of my internal marketing strategy. It allows me to display before and after pictures, videos, testimonials, provider biographies, and more to our patients while they are waiting for their treatments. This has been an outstanding educational opportunity because it passively informs our patients of our products and services without requiring a staff member to be present. Many patients have asked about treatments they have seen on the television and have subsequently moved on to receive new treatments. The display is beautiful with our logo at the upper left-hand corner, the weather at the upper right, and a ticker at the bottom. It also includes a side panel where we can include more messages while patients are viewing the main screen. The online user interface makes it easy to add, edit, or change the media. We can also program the device to turn on and off whenever we want and multiple displays can be simultaneously programmed if the televisions are located in different rooms. I highly recommend Mediplay.

Alex Eshaghian, MD, PhD - Medical Director