To add Mediplay Music to your media player(s), follow the steps below:

  1. Log into Mediplay Connect
  2. Click Content
  3. Click Music
  4. Select a media player from the drop down list
  5. Click Add Music to Player
  6. Preview each station by clicking the Play button.  When ready to assign, click Select Music.

The first time Mediplay Music is scheduled to a media player you will be required to agree to the terms associated with this service:
$10/month per media player

Mediplay Music is only scheduled to a single media player at a time.  If you would like to add Mediplay Music to more than one player, repeat the steps above, making sure to select a different media player from the drop down list.

Once scheduled, Mediplay Music will begin playing in approximately 20 minutes.  Please verify that your media player is online and the volume on your TV/display is set to a reasonable level.

You are able to change the station as often as you like.  If you would like to cancel the Mediplay Music service, notify Mediplay Support via email or phone ( / 800-565-1920).

Mediplay Music - Set the mood in your waiting room.