What is Mediplay?

Mediplay is an ad-free digital signage system built uniquely for medical practices. Engaging videos, motion graphics, and text are displayed on a TV in the waiting room. See how we help your practice generate business by educating, entertaining and informing your patients.

The Content

We believe the best way to engage your audience is through a variety of content – all controlled by you:

  • educational medical videos about health conditions that you treat and services you provide
  • manufacturer videos that promote products and procedures that you offer
  • entertaining videos that appeal to everyone
  • your own videos that you upload to your personal library
  • custom messages about the products and services you offer – and who is offering them!

Our Design

The content is displayed in three different areas of the screen – the main zone, sidebar, and ticker. This design attracts and holds your audience’s attention, while giving them a clear sense of your message. Branding is achieved through placement of the practice logo at the top, along with the current local weather and date.



How It Works

The content is controlled by you – perhaps an office manager, marketing coordinator or other staff members – and installation is quick and easy.waiting room digital signage

1. Access is given to the Mediplay online content management site – Mediplay Connect – where you’ll find a host of resources and tools at your fingertips to help you choose videos and create professionally-designed custom messages.

2. A media player will be shipped to you with set-up instructions and the only requirements are power, a network connection (wired or wireless), and an HDTV. Once installed, your content will be automatically downloaded, stored and then played back on your TV. Because it is not streaming across the network, bandwidth usage is not a concern.

Our customer service team is there for you. Please call or email us with any questions relating to content selection or installation, or just to chat about our product.

Monday – Friday 9am-9pm EST.

What’s Next?

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